Parent Talk is designed to empower parents to break down the communication walls between themselves and their teens so they are able to effectively address the issues of high risk behavior including teen sexuality and the benefits of whole person health.

The National Campaign for Preventing Teen Pregnancy says:

While parents clearly cannot determine their children’s decisions about sex, the quality of their relationships with their children can make a real difference.

  • The overwhelming majority of young people (87%) say it would be much easier for teens to postpone sexual activity and avoid teen pregnancy if they were able to have more open, honest conversations about these topics with their parents
  • Over half of young adolescents (53%) say parents most influence their decisions about sex (ages 12-14)
  • Over one third (37%) say they have never discussed sex, contraception, or pregnancy with their parents
  • When it comes to their decisions about sex, parents have not lost their children to the influence of peers and popular culture
  • Many parents seem to be having a crisis of confidence – adults continue to underestimate the influence they have over teens’ decisions about sex and overestimate the influence of others, such as their teens’ friends and the media. Nearly half (48%) of adults says friends are most influential, while only 32% believe that parents most influence their children’s decisions about sex

Education for a Lifetime offers free Parent Talk presentations for schools or small groups. These presentations are flexible in format and topics and can be for a one-time meeting, or for several.

Please contact us for more information on how to schedule a Parent Talk. You can email Mackenzie Shunko or call us at 719.591.5424.